Top 10 locations in the UK to invest in 2021


At the point when we talk about the ‘best’ spots to put resources into UK property 2021, there’s various components to consider. While a portion of these are self-evident, it’s imperative to find out about what makes a decent Buy-to-Let speculation before we hop in. Key measurements we take a gander at are:

Property Costs – Rental Yields – Rental demand – Population – Growth plans – Job Openings – Occupant Socioeconomics – BuyToLet Openings – Transport Connections

This permits us to assemble a total image of an area’s Buy-to-Let appreciations while likewise featuring arising towns and urban areas that probably won’t be conventional alternatives for venture.

 1. Birmingham

Birmingham stays one of the top spots to put money into 2021, proceeding with a run of structure that began in 2016. As more tasks inside the Large City Plan work out as intended, request has never been higher for the subsequent city – similarly as arrangements for the Commonwealth Games 2022 come online. JLL foresee that Birmingham will be the quickest developing city throughout the following five years, with property costs expected to ascend by 19.5%.

Perhaps the greatest benefit Birmingham holds is its reasonableness. Researches by Knight Frank shows that the normal pay to average property value proportion is greatly improved in Birmingham than across the more extensive UK – the city is pulling in and holding talented laborers that have the salary to spend in this quickly developing city.

Normal rents have ascended by 30% throughout the most recent 10 years and are relied upon to rise by 12% over the course of the following five, helped by resident interest from youthful experts leaving London and a rising populace set to hit 1.24 million by 2030.

With a market to a great extent comprised of one and two-room flats – in any event in the inexorably famous town centre area – rental yields are averaging somewhere in the range of 4.7% and 5.5% for property financial backers in these resource types, while a strong improvement pipeline is conveying new guidelines of value like St Martin’s Place.

Lastly, the powerful connectivity solutions in the UK are being improved with new transport links. The Midlands Metro extension keeps on offering extraordinary admittance to upcoming West Midlands towns while work has started on HS2 – a generational improvement that will reform Birmingham.

 2. Manchester

Manchester keeps on being the northern stalwart it was initially advertised to be – setting up itself as perhaps the most energizing areas for investment.

With the absolute best capital appreciation returns on this list in the course of the most recent five years – including a colossal ascent somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2018 – Manchester has driven the path for value development in the North.

Future development looks set to proceed with the pattern, with property costs expected to ascend by 17.1% as indicated by JLL. This can generally be ascribed to the city’s quickly developing economy and populace, which have both taken unbelievable steps in last couple of years.

Across the lettings area, Manchester stays an unmistakable option in contrast to London. With a large group of job prospects in worldwide organizations and employment growth of 84% somewhere in the range of 2002 and 2015, the city is currently the top destination for young experts in the North West and just trailing by Midlands cities, for example, Birmingham as per Hamptons International.


Regarding future turn of events, the Incomparable North Rail project is relied upon to happen by 2022 and will permit 40,000 additional travelers to go all through key urban communities in the North – expanding the travel industry for Manchester essentially.

 3. Liverpool

 Liverpool stays a reasonable competitor for best spot for investments into property in 2021 because of the rental yields it can give. While price growth has been more vulnerable in the course of the last five years than some different other locations, Liverpool brags some the most elevated performing rental yield postcodes in the country.


L1, generally known as the Baltic Triangle, is probably the trendiest spot to live and has conveyed 8.1% every year before. Across the city, L7 has the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and has been known to deliver yearly rental yields of 10%.


JLL foresee that property costs in Liverpool will ascend by 13.1% throughout the following four years, somewhat underneath close by Manchester and Birmingham toward the South yet probably the most elevated ascent going ahead.

Liverpool likewise has an amazing income to house price proportion at 4.9, which features its moderateness when estimated against the strength of its labour force.


Regarding recovery, the Liverpool Waters plan will be perhaps the most significant for the city – a £5.5 billion arrangement pointed toward conveying new spaces, getting more the travel industry and making almost 17,000 new jobs.

 4. Nottingham

 A ‘sleeper hit’ for the UK property market, Nottingham has been taking colossal steps throughout the most recent couple of years and now addresses a key investment region.


More reasonable than other significant urban communities, for example, Manchester, Nottingham offered quality yields of around 9% in a few city centre area postcodes including NG1 (the downtown area) and NG7 (the encompassing region which likewise incorporates the University of Nottingham) in 2019, albeit that has eased back since lockdown.


Nottingham’s significant strength is in it’s past capital development and future long haul yield development, which is set to be one of the most grounded in the nation as per JLL.


Driven by two significant UK colleges found moderately near the downtown area, there is a tremendous measure of occupant request supporting these yields, close by a flourishing innovative quarter that is serving the developing alumni pool.

Nottingham is additionally home to Queens Medical Centre – a ‘super hospital’ in the locale and one of the biggest teaching hospitals in the country, with more than 6,000 clinical staff adding to the developing interest for places to live.

5.  Newcastle

 The eighth biggest city in the UK by populace, Newcastle is perhaps the most moderate areas on this rundown and along these lines, driving probably the best rental yields in the UK.


While postcodes, for example, NE1 and NE2 are offering significant returns (around 6 – 7%) at the core of the city, Newcastle has confronted difficulties regarding capital appreciation throughout the last five years.

All things considered, Newcastle has outstanding amongst other graduate retention rates in the country and is perceived as one of the quickest developing districts for new companies. This will probably help interest from young professionals, which will thus expand rental costs and hence, yields.

Facilitating an assortment of corporate base camp, just as solid training and advanced areas, there is a set up norm of job openings that help with driving this interest while supporting the enterprising side of the city.

6. Leeds

 Another significant power in the North, Leeds has immediately gotten perceived as a vital city for financial backers looking for long haul rental returns.

Home to 800,000 individuals, 73% of the families in Leeds are at present renting, making this a fantasy for investors searching for reliable tenant interest.

While capital development has been insignificant contrasted with others on this rundown, rental interest in Leeds is acquiring force rapidly. JLL predicts that the city will see 13.7% development throughout the following five years, driven by the previously mentioned request just as various government backed Build-To-Rent plans being conveyed.

Monetarily, Leeds is one of the quickest developing in the country and now matches a few European urban areas. This is massively affecting the chances accessible inside the city, captivating almost 10% of those leaving London yearly since 2018.

7. Edinburgh

 Edinburgh stays a sturdy of the best places to put money into the UK because of its brilliant capital growth throughout the most recent decade.

While costs going up have brought down rental yields fairly, Edinburgh actually stays alluring with occupants.

JLL additionally predicts that Edinburgh’s economy will keep on rising, emphatically affecting property costs to the tune of 17.1% throughout the following five years – the joint most elevated growth rate of any UK city.


Regarding future turn of events, there has been an inundation of new-build town centre accommodations across the Build-To-rent and privately rented area, in spite of pressing factor from elective business sectors, for example, student properties.

8. Bracknell

With London actually attempting to recuperate, various key towns in the South East have taken the spotlight, offering greater moderateness and as yet conveying network with the capital.


Bracknell is one of these towns. Home to various prestigious international organizations like Dell, Microsoft and 3M, it’s additionally encountering the sort of enormous scope recovery that draws in unfathomable interest.

This new town has seen value ascents of 249% throughout the most recent 20 years is still almost a large portion of the cost of the normal London property, guaranteeing better returns – 3.98% in Bracknell versus 3.04% in London.


Besides, a £770 million recovery plan is affecting property costs decidedly, adding to Knight Frank determining rises of 17% on normal throughout the following five years.


For investors keen on focusing on the youthful, travelling professionals segment close to London, Bracknell addresses the chance to exploit long term development and reliable yields.

9. Sheffield

A year ago we understood that Sheffield was toward the beginning of its property cycle and showing amazing potential. This year we see Sheffield begin to accomplish that potential, especially as far as conveying rental yields for financial backers.


On account of around £480 million being spent on building up Sheffield’s shopping region, Sheffield’s local council keeps on making the conveniences to manage rising interest. This has straightforwardly affected focal postcodes, for example, S1 where yields have hit around 7%.


Sheffield has likewise been one of the top business sectors emerging from lockdown, where deals were up 20% higher than toward the beginning of the year as per Zoopla.

10. Glasgow

While Glasgow property has consistently been in the shadow of Edinburgh, the second city of Scotland is beginning to arise.

Glasgow’s economy is set to perform comparable to Edinburgh throughout the following five years and its property market shows this.

Property costs expected to ascend by 15.4% over the course of the following five years, while rental development is required to rise by 13.4% over a similar period. This follows five years of superb capital appreciation and will be welcome information for property investors looking to Scotland.

With a strong advancement pipeline of 4,000 purpose-built rental homes  and ‘Build-To-Rent’ plans, the ingredients are set up to help Glasgow Council’s new obligation to twofold the town centre area population by 2030.