Off Market Property Investment deals

When most people think of investing in real estate, they imagine browsing through listings on popular real estate websites and contacting an agent to schedule a viewing. However, this is only one way to invest in property. Another avenue that is often overlooked is off-market property investment deals. What are off-market property investment deals? Off-market […]

Investing in Student Property in the UK

Student accommodation in the UK refers to housing specifically designed and rented out to university students. These accommodations can be owned by the universities or by private companies, and they can range from dormitory-style shared rooms to private apartments. In the UK, it is common for students to live in university-managed halls of residence in […]

HMO Investment handbook

HMO investing, also referred to as houses of multiple occupancy, is the subject of this article. It explains what these properties are, who would want to live in them, and—most importantly—why you might want to think about investing in them.Thankfully, the days of filthy “bedsit-style” student housing are quickly disappearing.It’s critical to comprehend exactly what […]

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